GNLA commitment

GNLA is committed to make nursing CPD accessible to nurses globally.

  • Regular engagement with students through discussions

  • Each paid up subscription offers a scholarship for nurses in developing countries

  • New courses added every month

  • Join nursing speciality courses in critical care, emergency, paediatric, preoperative etc

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Courses for Nurses

Courses for Nursing Students

Healthcare industry is evolving regularly with new medicines, nursing procedures and technology innovation. It is important for nurses to keep up with the changes and update their knowledge. The courses listed here are prepared by nurse leaders who are committed to sharing their experience and knowledge with fellow nurses. The courses in this section are very much suitable for practising nurses as well as nursing students. Each course offers a course completion certificate. Nursing educational institutions can subscribe to these resources with an institutional subscription and provide access to their students with a student discount. Courses and resources can be linked to educational institutes LMS.

Bundle includes

Here are all the courses that are included in your bundle.