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“Etiquette is what you are doing and saying when people are looking and listening. What you are thinking is your business.” – Virginia Cary Hudson

When you think of the qualities you need for success in your nursing career, you probably think of clinical leadership and management skills. But, professional etiquette is a skill that cannot be ignored for career success. Etiquette is more than good manners; it's a tool for cultivating good relationships.

If you’re aiming for advancement and career success, you need more than clinical expertise, more than management savvy, more than leadership skills. You need to practice professional etiquette.

This course is aimed at improving the knowledge of nurses regarding professional etiquette. When etiquettes are followed all involved are able to feel more comfortable and things tend to flow more smoothly resulting in a more productive and successful career.

Learning outcomes

  • Determine the code of ethics for nurses.
  • Explain the code of professional conduct for nurses.
  • Identify essential nursing values and behaviours.
  • Facilitate professionalism in workplace.
  • List the legal and ethical principles while rendering care to the clients.
  • Identify possible ethical dilemmas in nursing practice.
  • Determine healthy and unhealthy ways to manage and resolve conflict.
  • Identity bullying in workplace and its management process.

CPD Points

2 Points  


2 Hours (Self-Paced)

Course curriculum

    1. Student Handbook - Part 01

    2. Student Handbook - Part 02

    3. Student Handbook - Part 03

    1. Professional Etiquette in Nursing - Part 01

    2. Ethical Issues In Nursing -- Respect: Dignity, Autonomy, and Relationships

    3. Professional Etiquette in Nursing - Part 02

    4. Professional Conduct - Addressing Disruptive Behaviors in Healthcare

    5. Professional Etiquette in Nursing - Part 03

    6. Professional Etiquette in Nursing - Part 04

    1. A comparison of ethical issues in nursing practice across nursing units

    2. Cell Distraction Professional etiquette for cell phones

    3. Code of Ethics for Nurses: impact on gastroenterology nursing

    4. Labour law experts: Employers should consider antibullying policies

    5. Professional Etiquette in Nursing

    6. Workplace Bullying - New Age Workers Compensation Benefits

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Professional etiquette

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The material and content was relevant to my nursing practice

The material and content was relevant to my nursing practice

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