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The Basic Infection Control course has been designed to familiarize health care professionals about the basic concepts of infection control and the importance of such practices in health care delivery. This course will also give insight into standard and additional precautions to ensure health care safety of all clients, how to manage blood and body fluid exposure and to identify clean and contaminated zones.

It is essential for nurses and other health professionals to be updated with current infection control practices in order to provide the client with high quality nursing care.

The purpose of this course is to improve the knowledge of health professionals regarding infection control, its purposes and various elements for providing a high quality care.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Review understanding of standard precautions.
  • Identify the chain of infection.
  • Use hand hygiene appropriately facilitating the use of the 5 moments.
  • Memorise the difference between the use of hand rub and hand wash.
  • Determine your understanding of additional precautions.
  • Recognise transmission risks in a healthcare environment.
  • Identify personal protective equipment (PPE) and how to don and doff them appropriately.
  • Explain the risks of blood borne virus transmission.
  • Memorise the exposure policy and the immediate action post exposure.
  • Identify your understanding of a clean and contaminated zone in the healthcare environment.
  • Recognise the protocol for contaminated instruments, equipment and their cross contamination in the healthcare environment.

CPD Points

2 Points


2 Hours (Self-Paced)

Course curriculum

    1. Student Handbook

    2. Basic Infection Control ppt

    1. Article for Reference-1

    2. Article for Reference-2

    3. Article for Reference-3

    4. Article for Reference-4

    5. Article for Reference-5

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    1. How did we do?

About this course

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Basic Infection Control

Neethu Susan Paul

Very informative !!

Very informative !!

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