About the course

People come into hospitals looking for the best care they can get. They expect that their health will improve to the best levels possible and that the health professionals will be monitoring them all the time and that any change would be detected immediately. However, many people complain that their expectations were not met and that their health condition was deteriorating.

The health professionals play a major role in assessing clients who are in their care. They spend time with the patient and therefore, must be able to identify the slightest change in the health status of their respective clients. This can be achieved only with good knowledge and practice.

This course aims to improve the knowledge of health professionals by helping them have a clear understanding of deterioration of health and its identification.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss early recognition and incidence of deterioration.
  • Identify cardiorespiratory arrest rhythms for in-hospital patients.
  • Illustrate the contributing factors associated to clinical deterioration.
  • Explain the causes and common symptoms of deterioration contributing to cardiorespiratory arrest.
  • Determine life support using a standardized systemic approach.

CPD Points

2 Points


2 Hours (Self-Paced)

Course curriculum

    1. Student Handbook Part 01

    2. Student Handbook Part 02

    1. The Deteriorating Patient Part 01

    2. The Deteriorating Patient

    3. The Deteriorating Patient Part 02

    4. Proactive Initiatives to reduce the incidence of Deterioration: ‘Between the Flags’

    5. The Deteriorating Patient Part 03

    1. Causes Of Deterioration_Part 01

    2. Patient Deterioration and Systematic Assessment- John’s Story

    3. Causes Of Deterioration_Part 02

    4. Respiration Gas Exchange

    5. Causes Of Deterioration_Part 03

    6. Airway Maneuvers

    7. Causes Of Deterioration_Part 04

    8. A short Film on Respiration

    9. Causes Of Deterioration_Part 05

    10. Infants & Children with a cough: Bronchitis & Croup

    11. Causes Of Deterioration_Part 06

    1. Life Support Using A Standardised Systematic Approach Part 01

    2. ABCDE Health Assessment

    3. Life Support Using A Standardised Systematic Approach Part 02

    4. How to do CPR?

    5. Life Support Using A Standardised Systematic Approach Part 03

    1. Failure to rescue: using rapid response systems to improve care of the deteriorating patient in hospital

    2. Front line nurses’ experiences with deteriorating ward patients

    3. Use of a single parameter track and trigger chart and the perceived barriers and facilitators to escalation of a deteriorating ward patient

    4. Recognizing and managing a deteriorating patient

    5. Consumer participation in early detection of the deteriorating patient and call activation to rapid response systems

    1. Test

About this course

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