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Blood transfusion is a complex procedure inter-linking many multidisciplinary health care team members.

Blood transfusions save lives and improve health. An error in transfusion can be fatal. Transfusion error where the patient receiving the incorrect blood component, remains the largest risk related to blood transfusions. Nurses who are responsible for the bedside check before a transfusion is given, have the final opportunity to prevent a mismatch.

An understanding of blood products, possible transfusion reactions, management and evidence based monitoring of transfusions are also essential to safely perform this procedure.

This systematic online interactive course helps to improve the knowledge of health professionals regarding blood transfusions so that they can perform safe transfusions and maintain good quality care.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe various blood products used in the clinical setup and indications for each component.
  • Identify and select the appropriate blood donating individuals.
  • Apply the knowledge of safe blood transfusion practice in the respective clinical area.
  • Recognise various blood types and ABO system.
  • Identify the severity of blood transfusion reaction to minimise the adverse health outcomes.
  • CPD Points

    2 Points


    2 Hours (Self-Paced)

Course curriculum

    1. Student Handbook - Part 01

    2. Student Handbook - Part 02

    1. Part 01-Blood Products and Transfusion

    2. Part 02-Blood Products and Transfusion

    3. Blood transfusion

    4. Part 03-Blood Products and Transfusion

    5. Part 04-Blood Products and Transfusion

    6. Administering a Blood Transfusion

    7. Part 05-Blood Products and Transfusion

    8. Transfusion reaction

    9. Part 06-Blood Products and Transfusion

    1. Blood transfusion: patient identification and empowerment

    2. Evaluating the Frequency of Vital Sign Monitoring During Blood Transfusion

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