About the Course

As an overseas dentist who has scheduled an Australian Dental Council examination and is eager to prepare intensively in the final days of the exam, this course is ideal for you!

The Australian Dental Council devised an examination procedure for dentists whose qualifications do not meet the requirements for registration in Australia as a result of the growing demand for qualified dentists in Australia (ADC).

Australian dentists who are AHPRA-registered and have passed the ADC exam developed this course. To help dentists who had their training outside of Australia gain registration and begin exam preparation within the next ten weeks, they created this course.

With the help of a lecturer, students in this exam preparatory course can hone their reasoning skills and clinical judgment in accordance with Australian dental practice.

Your existing knowledge, abilities, and experiences can easily be integrated with the current standards of practice in the Australian healthcare system as a student. With an emphasis on critical thinking, this course will teach you how to become a qualified Australian dentist who is competent, informed, confident, and critical thinking.

Details about the Course

  • Course details

    In order to prepare for the ADC written examination (Part-1) – the Dental Career Advancement Program . The Scenario-based Question (SBQ) exam, which is part of the ADC dentist assessment process to evaluate overseas trained dentists’ knowledge, judgement, clinical skills, and professional competencies, is part of the Intensive exam preparation course, which helps ADC candidates who have already booked a date for the exam to enhance their professional knowledge and prepare for the SBQ exam. This non-awarded ADC exam preparation workshop will give International Dentists the opportunity to learn about the evaluation and examination procedures that have been accepted for registration in Australia. Using their existing dental knowledge and skills, as well as life experiences, students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of the Australian dental system by completing an examination in this course. In addition, the course intends to help students with reading, interpreting, and understanding ADC examination questions. In order to answer the most difficult analytical questions on the ADC written examination, students are taught to be ADC-savvy and to execute ADC strategies through a full understanding of Therapeutic Guidelines and Odell Case situations for clinical Dentistry. The course is designed to foster critical thinking, concept testing, and the generation and expansion of dental knowledge in order to produce qualified, self-assured, and safe Australian dentists.

  • Course Structure

    The course is offered to those candidates looking to appear for the exam immediately. The course has been specifically designed and curated to be aligned as per the disciplines and subdisciplines that the candidates will be tested on the day of examination.

  • Admission Requirements

    To be eligible to apply for IHM’s ADC written examination preparation course you must: Hold a minimum qualification(s) i.e, a bachelors degree in Dentistry The minimum required qualifications vary between professions. Dentists: must hold at least a four-year, full-time university dental degree, or diploma at an acknowledged university. To be eligible to apply for a written examination you must have successfully completed the initial assessment process.

  • Where will this take me?

    After successfully completing the IHM’s ADC written examination preparation course, you will be well prepared to ace the Australian Dental Council’s (ADC) Written examination. The curriculum will offer you all you need to know about the Australian healthcare system and current standards of practice. After passing the written examination, you may continue your study for the ADC practical examination by enrolling in IHM’s complete ADC practical examination preparation course at our Melbourne campus. For students who have passed the ADC written examination, we offer a four-week comprehensive ADC practical examination preparation course and an online communication OSCE preparation course. Don’t worry, we’ll be there to help you through the process of obtaining your Australian dental practitioner registration and beyond.

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