About the course

Effective ward management is an essential aspect of good-quality care with nurses playing a vital and central role. Ward management is the duty of the head nurse. The factors like knowledge of the ward, planning the schedule, starting the work on time, preventing interruptions, the establishment of ward routines, etc. are having a significant role in good ward management.

This course is designed to help nurses upgrade their knowledge and understanding in managing the ward efficiently.

Learning Outcomes

  • Factors influencing ward and ward management.
  • Types of hospital units.
  • Components of ward management.
  • Duties and responsibilities of nursing personnel in the ward in various ward activities.
  • Issues and problem solving approach in ward.

CPD Points 

2 Points 


2 Hours (Self-Paced)

Course curriculum

    1. Hospital Ward Management

    1. Hospital Ward Management

    1. Patient classification systems to coordinate patient care

    2. Intrahospital transport policies the contribution of the nurses

    3. Nurse Leadership

    4. Patient classifcation system

    1. Hospital Ward Management Assessment

    1. How did we do?

About this course

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